Necessity and Freedom
Who finally governs this universe?

This is a question

that has remand unanswered for 2,500 years.

The "wise men" are divided

into "war camps" and fight each other.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: Religions have intervened, 
politics have interfered.

The arguments have ceased

to have logic as basis and rely
increasingly on faith and ideology.

The landscape has become cloudier.

Everyone who thought he had something to gain
by fishing in murky waters has interfered and
naturally intensified the confusion even further.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: The answer however to the 
question is so simple that a
few pages suffice to reveal it.

This text will not give you the answer.

You will find the answer yourself.

The text might even confuse you at first

because it accepts at the beginning something
that is subsequently proved to be impossible.

The purpose of this text is to persuade you to think.

Thinking is indeed tiring.

But if you make this effort then everything becomes clear.

There are no special skills or vast knowledge required.

The only thing you need is interest in the problem
and the will to think a bit.


1.              The natural law

2.              The ability to predict

3.              Absolute accuracy

4.              An interesting question

5.              An important decision

6.              A logical extrapolation

7.              A strange conclusion

8.              A raindrop

9.              The molecules

10.         The atoms

11.         The atomic nuclei

12.         The collisions

13.         The little red boat

14.         Life



15.         Everything is interrelated

16.         Free will

17.         A revision

18.         Decision making

19.         The "blur" and the "noise"

20.         Collision, mother of everything

21.         The uncertainty

22.         Randomness

23.         The wave nature of matter

24.         The limit of influence

25.         The return of the "small shareholder"

26.         The percentage of freedom

27.         Freedom of thought

28.         Conclusion


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