A revision

This is what happens to someone

who carelessly  makes hurried
and bombastic declarations of
this type:

"Everything that takes place is determined
with absolute accuracy by the Natural Law".

We have been led to conclusions

which are very difficult to accept.

This absolute predestination

for everything that happens in the
Cosmos, starts to become really

Is it possible that the universe is

predetermined in such a way?

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: The history of every atom and every molecule, the development and the evolution of life, the flight of every bee and the thought of every human being can all be absolutely predetermined?

You might say: why not.

There is absolutely no freedom.

Neither for atoms, nor for bees and nor for us.

This is so and we must accept it.

Whether we like it or not.

We accept other things too that we don’t like.

As death for example.

We must accept that as well.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: We delude ourselves by believing that we 
are free and live with the illusion that we 
can make decisions because we're 
stupid, short sighted and egocentric.

We do not yet know enough

nor do we have the courage to draw
the necessary logical conclusions from
the little that we do know.

We do not like the idea of

being not only totally insignificant in the
Cosmos but also absolutely predetermined,
and therefore we reject it.

But in reality this is exactly the case.

Whatever happens was fated,

and whatever we do in the belief that we
made a decision ourselves, we had to do it
that way so that what was predetermined

in fact happened.

For this opinion of an absolute predestination

of all events there are fairly widespread
expressing exactly the same thing:
The inevitability of fate.

"Το πεπρωμένον φυγείν αδύνατον".

Escaping destiny is impossible.

But of course not even the most faithful

supporter of this view would come
to the point of saying:

I’m not getting up to get a drink

because if it is my fate to die
of thirst it is pointless to try
to oppose destiny.

Nor would he say:
I perform no action anymore,
I think no thoughts,
I make no decisions.

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