The little red boat

Our painter has almost finished his painting.

A beautiful sea shore flooded with the morning light.
A fisherman is pulling in his nets.

The painter stands with the paintbrush in the hand and
examines his work critically.

With his other hand he strokes his beard.
He takes two steps back.
He stands with narrowed eyes.

Suddenly his face brightens.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: He steps forward, extends the brush to 
the palette, is again undecided for a moment 
and then begins to paint a little red boat 
barely visible in the background.

The phenomenon we are now
witnessing is clearly more complex.

It is not just the fact that now our system,
i.e. painter - painting - easel - paint - etc.
consists of more chemical elements and
(due to higher mass than the drop) comprises
more (approximately two million times) initial
components of the Cosmos.

If this were only the case

then we would only need to attach a few zeros to
the number of the collisions and our admiration
(about the possibility of all these collisions being
predetermined fifteen billion years ago) would "merely"
grow some millions times larger.

But things are much more complex.

Here we are faced with the

incredibly complex phenomenon of life.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: Our painter affects matter. 
He intervenes in what happens 
in the universe.

With his brush he places a few molecules

of a distinct colour pigment on a
certain point on the surface of the canvas.

This event, the fact

that the material system "painter" affects the
material system "paint - brush - picture" causing
a new arrangement of molecules in space,
should not impress us too much.

The interaction of the ground with the rain drop,
when the drop finally hits the earth, also causes
a rearrangement of the molecules in space.

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