A raindrop

At a precise moment, in a certain point of the globe

a drop of water is descending
from a cloud to the ground.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: Its movement is controlled by the Natural Law.
It isn’t free to do "whatever it wants."
It must do what is prescribed by the Natural Law.
With an accuracy of 100%, as we have agreed.

Its future is completely prescribed by the Natural Law.

And its past too.

What will happen in the next second is absolutely certain.

Likewise what happened up to now has always
been precisely defined.

Let's make an effort to "imagine"
the history of our drop.

The tiny droplets forming a cloud

are already water in liquid state their very
small size however allows them to float.

When some of them unite and their weight grows,

the downward movement to the ground starts.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: The whole drop shows a behaviour 
that we can understand fully. 
It moves in a way that we 
recognise and expect.

It is attracted by the earth; it meets the friction of the air.

It can change its course depending on the currents
of the air it encounters.

Even with our imperfect instruments

we could follow its movement and to some
extent predict its further course.

Its story is a brief one.

Depending on the height of the cloud
it may be a few minutes or more.

That which is worth further study
is the story of the water composing our drop.

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