A logical extrapolation

If it is so and we agree that the Natural Law

defines the state of the world in the next
moment with the infinite, the absolute
accuracy of Mathematics, then

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: the state of the world at the present moment 
was absolutely determined by
the situation of the previous moment and this
from the previous one and so on.

This "and so on" however how

far back does it go?

Well, as far as you fancy.

The unlimited precision of Mathematics
allows us to extrapolate into time as far
back as we like.

Why not until the beginning of time?

Maybe it's a bit difficult to talk

about the absolute beginning of time in
the universe since we do not know what
was the situation before the Big Bang

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: which, as we believe, took place before about 
fifteen billion years and which is generally 
considered as the beginning of the evolution 
that led the world to its current state.

We could however assume that,

for today's world which we study, 
the moment of the Big Bang is a
characteristic time-milestone

where we have the right to place the relative beginning
of time for the universe in which we live.

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