The problem is elsewhere.

There is a very important difference
between the material system painter
and the material system ground.

The painter put the paint on the spot

he had decided on in accordance with
his artistic senses and his opinion of
how the boat should look.

This interaction is fundamentally different

from the interaction soil - drop.

Anyone who looks at the picture later

will recognize a small boat at this point.

The artist differs greatly from the ground.

He is an organized system,

 Born from other organized systems, his parents.
 He has the ability of metabolism and growth and
 he is able to reproduce, causing the birth of new
   systems like himself.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: The causal chain that connects the beginning 
of the universe to the application of the paint 
on the canvas includes the string of events, from the emergence and development of life on Earth.

If we would like to continue our calculations

about the number of particle collisions,
we should necessarily include the
parents of the painter too.

And his grandparents and

great-grandparents and all previous ancestors
all the way back to Australopithecus and even
further back to the Ammonites and beyond them
to the first unicellular organisms.

All these actions (interactions, collisions)

that led to the creation and behaviour of
all these ancestors were necessary steps
in the deterministic sequence that led from
the Big Bang to the painting of the boat.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: If the father of the painter had not decided, 
at the last minute, to attend this party 
where he met his future wife, we would have 
neither the painter nor the boat.

And of course we should not forget

the girlfriend of the mother
of the painter who had organized
that party,

who wouldn’t have come into the world

if her mother had not stopped to
admire that hat in the window, where
she was noticed by her future husband.

And we must certainly mention the essential role which

was played in the whole story by the decision
of the girl who made the hat, to leave the village
when she was abandoned by her fiancé, and go
to the city where, after many failed professional
efforts, she learned later the art of hat making
... etc ... etc.

Now perhaps the complexity

described in the case of the drop becomes clearer,
when we said that the motion of each particle is not
only defined just by the particles it has collided with,
but by all the other particles each of them has collided
with in the past ... and so forth.

It seems that these ideas
have got us into deep water.

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