Everything is interrelated

If we continue like this we will at the end

implicate all people in our story,

living and dead.

And why only humans and not all other
living systems, animals and plants?

Isn’t there in the body of our painter

matter incorporated from the bread he ate this
morning, bread made from the seeds of wheat
sprouted in the field where the raindrop of our
previous example had fallen?

And why only the living systems?

In the water of his breakfast coffee weren’t
there some molecules from that drop?

And the air he breathes,

doesn’t it contain a few oxygen atoms once
connected to the water molecules of our drop?

And was not the morning light

he saw when he visited the island last year,
the reason which created his desire to paint
this picture?

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: According to our decision on the absolute 
accuracy of the force of determinism, 
all this was absolutely predesigned 
at the moment of the Big Bang.

All this had to happen exactly so

in order that we could reach this
moment when the artist decided
to paint our red boat.

the hat, and the party, and the trip to the island.

And of course everything that has happened before

and bears some relation to them.

The mining of the ore

from which came the metal used
for the construction of the ship
which took him to the island.

The invention of the internal combustion engine

which powered it.

The discovery and formulation of the principles

of thermodynamics allowing the construction
of the engine.

The works of Archimedes.

The thoughts of Pythagoras.

The discovery of fire ... and so forth.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: Everything was exactly predetermined at the moment of 
the Big Bang. That the Earth would be formed. That life would develop on it. That evolution, except for chicory, 
sea urchins and pelicans would produce humans as well.

That one of them

would find a way
to use fire.

That another one later

would write a book
"on the motive
power of fire

That another would build a ship.

That our painter would travel with it

to the particular island
and would then be inspired
to paint this picture.

That in this picture all the molecules of the pigments

would have exactly this specific
place on the canvas.

And finally that the painter

would make the decision to paint a red
boat with exactly this nuance of colour
(not a little bit darker or a little bit lighter)
in this exact position (not just a little bit
to the right or just a little bit to the left).

It seems that these ideas have
got us into really deep water.

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