Absolute accuracy

Both Logic and Mathematics

like any other product of the function of our
brain are necessarily shaped by the way our
brain works.

They carry in them the characteristics

of this function.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: We still know too little about causality
in the function of our brain

but if we do not consider the possibility of
external supernatural influences

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: we must accept that for this function the same physicochemical laws apply
as for the rest of the Cosmos.

We are aware (?) that our capabilities are limited

but we claim that the validity of our logic and the
accuracy of our mathematics are absolute.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: One and one make exactly two
not approximately two.

Herein lies no inconsistency.

Our brain may be finite and imperfect
but this fact does not preclude the right to
create, to imagine a system, Mathematics,

which by definition is perfect and has
absolute accuracy in its results.

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