Freedom of thought

And what about the decision of

our painter what the colour
of the boat should be?

Here the degree of freedom is very big.

We are dealing with a phenomenon
of very large amplification.

The origin and the evolution of life

is a phenomenon where the freedom hidden
in any collision grows to gigantic proportions,
thanks to the storage and the very large
multiplication enabled by the DNA.

Free changes pass "crystallized"

as mutations in the genetic code
and then they are multiplied as
many times as the DNA divides
in the body itself and its descendants.

That is several orders of magnitude.

We have a second level of amplification

in the development of the
system "painter" itself.

An amount of matter which is many powers

of ten greater was "built", organized,
on the instructions of a single original
DNA molecule.

A free decision on the level of a cell,

for example if the egg should be fertilized
by this or that spermatozoon, decided the
future of the painter.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: A third level of amplification we 
have, finally, in the central 
nervous system of our painter.

We do not yet know how it works,

but it is very likely, that when we find
out, we will discover mechanisms
with a great degree of amplification.

We already know that for the transfer

of a message from one nerve cell
to another only a few molecules of
a neurotransmitter are needed to
spill out into the synapse, the narrow
space between the neurons.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: This great amplification may be the explanation why what we call 
inspiration suddenly appears.

Free molecular actions amplified constantly

reach the critical part of the brain where
they are filtered and while most of them,
without realizing it, are rejected, some
are selected and can be used as a working
to solve a problem.

This process of rational filtering

must be an important part of
the whole function of our brain.

It could not be otherwise.

Could you imagine what chaos
would prevail if our 1012 neurons
would begin to send their signals
uncontrolled, right and left in the

However it wouldn’t be correct

to pursue our thoughts further along
these lines, making hypotheses, since
we don’t yet have reliable scientific

knowledge available in this area.

By the way we don’t need it, because we
have already arrived at our destination.

We have reached our goal.

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