The return of the "small shareholder"

There is no need

to revise the decision of Chapter 5.

No need to assume

the existence of phenomena that

are not causal.

We didn’t make a mistake when

we accepted that Natural Law has
absolute validity.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: Absolute validity, yes that is what it has.
Absolute accuracy in the determination 
of the result, no it has’nt.

The Natural Law itself contains the inaccuracy,
allowing for the freedom in the universe,
without which we wouldn’t be able to understand it.

The Natural Law holds

100% "power" over the World.

However it doesn’t determine

what will happen with the same
percentage of accuracy .

The "small shareholder",

whom we mentioned in Chapter 4,
and who allows that what will happen
to be not strictly determined, he does
really exist.

But he is no other

than the Natural Law itself.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: The state of the cosmos at the next moment
is prescribed only by the Natural Law.

Nothing is going to happen that was not foreseen by the Natural Law.

There is no part of nature that is not controlled by the Law.

But the Law is somewhat flexible,

it allows a small percentage of freedom.

What will happen

is not completely predetermined by the Law.

It is determined with great accuracy

but not with an accuracy of 100%.

In the details it is only

approximately predetermined.

It can develop

either this way or that way.

It can freely follow

either direction.

For this decision, whether the phenomenon
will develop in the one or in the other direction,
no reason is required.

Both directions are "legitimate and
equal in the eyes of the Law".

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