A strange conclusion

Thus, according to our assumption

about the absolute accuracy
in the power of Natural Law

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: anything happening any time anywhere in the world 
was exactly determined, it was preordained in every detail, 
since the moment of the Big Bang.

At that time absolutely everything was determined.

Everything that has happened so far and everything
that will happen in the future in the universe.

Everything was determined with infinite accuracy

at the moment of the Big Bang.

At that moment when the materials
of the Cosmos didn’t exist yet or had
not separated from each other.

At that time when the Natural Law itself did not yet exist

 since it describes the properties of materials
which were formed later.

At that moment the future

of the Cosmos was definite in every detail. 

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: What is happening now in some corner 
of the world was predetermined in 
every detail fifteen billion years ago.

It is the inevitable consequence

of a long sequence of strictly
defined steps which led from
the Big Bang to each event.

To understand better perhaps the importance

of such a conclusion let us consider
as examples two phenomena which
take place on planet Earth (a place
insignificant in cosmic dimension,
but so important for us).

1.   The fall of a raindrop.

What is the "story" of a water drop
falling from a cloud to the ground.

A purely natural event.

2.   The work of a painter.

How an artist adds a red boat
to the seascape he is painting.

An event associated with the phenomenon
of life and the presence of man on earth.

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