Perhaps dictatorship is the solution?

The fact that the Wehrmacht lost the battle of Stalingrad

does not prove that we, as humanity,
have closed our accounts with fascism.

In many of us there nestles the hope

of a Messiah, an enlightened leader
who will save us from all the evils

that afflict us.


there are enough examples of countries where
they were not only satisfied with their dictator,

but really adored him.

Make no mistake.
Fascism is not dead.
It is just lying in wait.

The problem is not
solved by exorcism,

or even by forbidding
the mention of its name.

If we really believe

that over time the solution
to our problems cannot be
left to the rule of one man

or the small group around him,

we need to think about why
we do not like this system.

      I don't like it, because it limits my freedom.

          It doesn't allow me to express my opinion

          and it obliges me to follow decisions which
I do not agree with.

Anyway in any system

you have to follow decisions

with which you disagree.

Whether a few make
the decisions or many.


you are living with the illusion
that under the current system
of "party politics" you are free,

what bothers you in a dictatorship
is the lack of freedom.

      It isn't an illusion.

          It's the truth.

          No one coerces me.

          I am absolutely free to choose whether
I will drink Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola.

          (Certainly, I have to admit that advertising influences me.

          This last spot with the balloon was impressive).

          But in the end, the decision is made by me.

          I will decide whether Hillary Clinton or
Donald Trump will be President.

          And I can say what I think openly, without fear.

The problem with the restriction of freedom,

which a dictatorship inevitably enforces,
as it has to impose the will of the few on
the many, is a side issue.

The basic question is another:

Is the decision of the few right or wrong?

If it is correct, and I disagree out
of ignorance, then the fault is mine.

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