The problem of a dictatorship

The weakness

of a dictatorship is revealed
when the decision of the few

is wrong.

No matter how enlightened
are those few who govern,

and no matter how noble
and beneficial are their intentions,

we cannot exclude the
possibility of their making a mistake.

But then it will take time
for them to recognise it.

Absolutely convinced

as they are about the correctness
of their opinion and

surrounded by bootlickers

who assure them that

everything is fine and
the people are happy,

they cannot have an immediate
reaction to their decision,

and so

they don't realise at once if it is wrong.

When driving a car,

we constantly make corrections with
small movements of the steering wheel.

     If you do not immediately realise the mistake,

     if don't  immediately hear an objection,

     you will remain on the wrong path

     and discover the error only

     when it is too late.

Criticism must been
heard very carefully.

Dictators however usually

put those who criticise them in jail or
even better execute them immediately.

The problem

with a dictatorship

is that

it doesn't have what is called
"feedback" in cybernetics,

that is a return of information

about the result when the
system starts functioning and

the corresponding correction.

Systems without feedback
are uncontrollable.


something starts to go wrong,
it will deteriorate more and more.

A dictatorship may be able

to give positive results at the beginning,
for a short time in some areas,

but as the inevitable mistakes
that are not immediately detected,

will accumulate over time,

it will end in failure.

At the same time

the people will become gradually
unhappier because the dictator,

having no other means,

will be forced to apply more and
more repressive measures.

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