Democracy has no problems?

The best system is democracy,

the real direct democracy,
where every decision
is taken by the majority

(not the ridiculous caricature
we have today and have
baptised democracy).

But if we truly believe

that the best form of government

is a democracy,

then we must consider whether it also
has some weaknesses in its core.

      If many people decide together,
is it impossible that they could
make a mistake?

No way impossible,

but the probability of error is small, because
there will be some who have a different opinion.

Different views will be heard.

      And if all of them without exception have
the same opinion, can it be excluded that
this opinion may be wrong?

Again, it cannot be excluded,

only that the probability is even smaller,
and the responsibility fairly shared.

Since everyone

was involved in the wrong decision,
it is correct for everyone to suffer
the consequences

of his error.

If there is any weakness in democracy

we will have to look elsewhere.

An important instrument
of democracy is the vote.

It would be nice if,

after the discussion and the
exchange of arguments we
could reach a single proposal

which is accepted by all.

     But if this is not the case?

     If we cannot agree,

     if we do not have unanimity,

     then what?

Then we vote,

and the opinion that
receives the most votes
(even if only one more)


Can we be sure that this
opinion was the right one?

Is it impossible for the majority

(or half plus one)

to be wrong?

Is it impossible that they have incomplete
or biased information and are not able

to appreciate the arguments
of the other side?

If the decision

of the majority was wrong,

it will be evident in practice.

But then the consequences are
attributable both to the majority

(justly, because they have chosen the wrong path)

And to the minority

(unfairly, because they cried a warning):

"Attention, this path goes over the cliff!".

      Then what should we do?
Do you propose abolishing the vote?

Of course not.

I only suggest we should think
a little more about voting.

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