″Every vote counts″

Because all citizens are equal,

the vote of every citizen has the same value.

Here however there is indeed a problem,

because it could happen that on the specific
issue to be decided upon,  citizen A has a
direct interest and is well-informed, while
citizen B has no interest and absolutely no knowledge.

Is it right for the votes of both

to have the same importance?

Our goal is to avoid mistakes,

not to satisfy the desire

of every who wants

to "steer the ship".

If a decision

has to be made

on a specific problem
that requires special knowledge

(and unfortunately, most of
our problems are of this kind),

who is most likely to make
the wrong decision?


     who lives with the problem,

     who has examined it,

     who has long experience of the
peculiarities that accompany it,

     who perhaps has made special studies,

or the one

     who hears of the existence of
such a problem for the first time?


we are going to vote on a
bill concerning education.

One is a teacher.

     He studied pedagogy.

     He has worked for
years in a school.

     He lives with the problems
of education every day.

The other is a mining engineer.

     He knows incredibly
much about geology.

     He is able to organise
the safest and most efficient
operation of a mine.

Whose point of view

is most likely to be correct?

I think you will agree

that we will have to take the opinion of
the teacher very seriously into account.

It may even be

that the engineer himself tells us:

          "Guys, excuse me, but on this problem of education
I have no knowledge and I can’t give an opinion".

Of course,

if the bill referred to mines,
we should listen carefully

to the opinion of the engineer.

       So what do you suggest we do?

          Should we divide people into first-class citizens,
who will be allowed to have an opinion,
and second-class citizens who would not?

Of course not.

What we should be considering

is a system of modern direct democracy
where every citizen has the right to have
his opinion and to express it with his vote.

But where the vote of every citizen has a different weight,
depending on how informed he is on the specific question.

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