The purpose of resistance

is not to subvert the system, because

a.      We can’t subvert it.

b.       We don’t need to subvert it.

We can’t subvert it,


long before we make the slightest thought,
the system has managed to take measures
for self-protection.

It is immeasurably stronger than we are.

It holds all the power that capital gives.

For it may not be possible to increase capital further by growth,

but it may be increased by plunder.

A greater concentration offers greater power.

It has all the power of the ″killing machinery″.

The weapons that the system holds have reached

a level which can only be characterised as a nightmare.

But itisn't limited to these.

Have you seen the level of the so-called defence budget?

Recently, I have read

that the US wants to spend $ 1 trillion for
the modernisation of its nuclear arsenal.

Defence from what threat?

From the expected invasion from space?

These terrible weapons

(and tomorrow even deadlier ones)
are directed against us, the people.

It owns all the power of the mass media.

Like the boa constrictor,

the mass media already hold the people so
tightly that they can hardly breathe freely.

To be able to think freely is out of the question.

However, with the continuous down-grading of quality,
they ensure keeping the people in such a state of
stupidity that they are 100% manageable.

And it also has a weapon of enormous power,

which for us is absolutely unthinkable
and out of question:

The system hasn't any kind of scruples.

The most atrocious crimes belong to its everyday policy.

     Mass murder by the so-called wars
(in reality these are open invasions),

     fragmentation and disintegration of entire countries,

     humanitarian disasters by the embargo of basic items of survival,

     remote-controlled murder-robots,


We don’t need to subvert it

because the system is collapsing of its own accord.

As a result of its internal inconsistencies.

As a result of its insatiable greed.

Our enemy is not capitalism.

Capitalism is finished, dead.

Our enemy is its vampire,

the vampire, whose abominable face has already been seen
in the adversity which it has spread over the whole world.

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