Experts of all countries, unite

A handful, but each an expert in his field.

     One is an expert on the methods of intelligence,

     the other knows about the secrets of the economy,

     the third is a specialist in IT,


The call:

                      “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”

may have been appropriate in its time.

Today, hope can only come from the contact
(union is a much too big a word)
between people who are able to think both
analytically and constructively.

And there are only a few such people.

After all there is no need for many.

The old workers’ slogan:

                      ″All the wheels stand still
when your strong arms so will

refers to other times and
other production methods.

Today, those who can "stop all the wheels" are not those who will use their strong arm,
but those who will use their strong brain to tap in some coded numbers on a keyboard.

But time is running out.

Already today whatever we write or say

is monitored with unsleeping eye and analysed
in every detail by the relevant departments.

Tomorrow we will not be able to communicate with each other.

We need to get ready
to work underground.

As long as we can still talk to other people,

we need to identify those whom we can trust.

In the future, we will be dependent on them.

When the "Great Silence" comes into
force, being alone will be unbearable.

The mental isolation

is the real torture in
solitary confinement.

And this is what is in store for all of us.

There will be no need to put you in prison.
When you do not dare to talk to anyone,
it's the same thing.

We must plan now the weekly meetings

and how we can camouflage them,
for when assemblies are prohibited.

For they will soon be banned.

And one last thing.

Download right now from the Internet
whatever you consider to be valuable.
Tomorrow it will be no more.

And do not just save it on your computer.

This is constantly under the control
of the security services.

Save it on a CD or print it,

while you think at the same time where to hide it,
because house searches will not be long in coming.

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