Task No. 1 (emergency measures)

Take care of the wounds.


We know and expect

that in its mortal agony the system will
rain ever heavier blows on the people.

Our highest and most urgent priority is to

try to limit the consequences of these attacks.

We must ensure that we:

     rescue the drowning man from the sea

     give a plate of food to the hungry

     offer a warm corner to the frozen

     provide medicines for the wounded

     find work for the unemployed.

This is done anyway, because
people are willing to help
of their own accord.

But we need to organise and
coordinate this professionally.


And this should be done immediately,

because those who suffer are already waiting for help, and
those who want to exploit the situation for their own benefit
(be it for money, power or self-aggrandisement)
have already sprung into action.

At the same time, among the first priorities,

we need to prepare for the loss of
freedom in the difficult years to come.

We need to organise our activities
to operate secretly underground,

because we will soon be forced to.

This difficult task will need organisation and coordination,

since the first thing that the system will do, as soon
as it realises that we could be a hindrance to them,

will be to infiltrate its agents among us.

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