Resistance will be great

All the major forces





     mass media

that govern the world,

will be drawn up against us
because their relationship
to the state will be threatened.

Consider for example, the arms industry.

They are waiting

for the government

to decide

how much money it will give
to produce devices designed
to kill people,

the more people killed, the better.

This we have baptised


because it sounds better.

Had we said:

"We are giving this money in order
to kill as many people as possible",

it could be that

the people begin to wonder if
we as a species have became

absolutely insane.

For now to prove,

that we were right to use the
money on weaponry and that
we must spend even more,

these weapons must be used.

They must begin to fulfil the
purpose for which they are made

and demonstrate their effectiveness.

They must begin killing people.

We need a war.

But this

cannot be decided
by the arms industry.


cannot give the order
for the bombers to take off.

This depends on the government.

The government will decide when and
against whom the weapons will be used.

If we were to wait

for the people to decide by
direct democracy to go to war,

we would be lost.

The people would probably
never reach such a decision,

and then

we would have to close our factories.

Do you know perhaps

what could happen to someone who
threatens the interests of the arms industry?

And unfortunately all this does not end there.

Not only

will the powerful be against us.

The situation

will be no better with the "powerless",

that is,

     with the simple,



     people who are half-asleep.

If you told them

what we are discussing here,
they would consider you,

at best

an unrealistic dreamer and

at the worst

a dangerous lunatic.

How long does it take a people
to mature for such a radical,
revolutionary change?

Is a 100 years enough or
does it need 200 or 300 years?

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