Shall we give up all hope?

       If it is so, and our enemies are so powerful,
let us give up all hope now of ever realising
our dream of direct democracy, and let us
cease occupying ourselves with something

This view sounds logical,
but I don't like it.

I do not like it,


I would call it the "chicken’s view".

When the entrepreneur

decides that the population of the poultry farm
has matured enough, then the chickens sit quietly
and let themselves be stuck in large containers
and taken to the slaughterhouse.

I do not like it,

because whatever progress
we have achieved so far,

was made against the
"views of reasonable people"

who said:

"Things are very good as they are,
why you do want to change it?

You will not succeed anyway,
because it is too difficult".

I do not like it,

because it blocks us precisely from what
distinguishes us from the chickens.

It blocks our thinking.

If we think correctly,

we can find solutions.

It is difficult.

But for the difficult situations that’s what
our best people, our experts, are for.

And one more thing.

For now

it looks like the existing system and the forces
that support it and share its power are so strong,
that any thought of overthrowing it

seems impossible.


      the system is approaching its end.

      It is staggering.

      Its equilibrium is gone.

      The cards will be redistributed.

There is

a brief moment when the forces are
undecided and need to be rearranged

in a new stable equilibrium.

At that moment,

a large force isn't necessary
to control everything.

A small force applied at the right
moment in the right place, is sufficient.

We do not need

a great revolution, which in any
case the system has taken care

to make impossible.

A small group of capable people at appropriate
key positions is sufficient to lead the
course of history in the desired direction.

With brotherly love

and many thanks to Mrs Mary Ktenides
for assisting with the English translation.

P. Bekiaroglou

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