"What is to be done?"

Reflections on the organisation of the resistance


The loss of freedom

We are at a turning point in history.

Our system, capitalism, has
completed its historical cycle.

Its basic axiom
"money makes money"
is no longer valid, since the central banks have
lowered the interest rate essentially to zero.

But it will not

leave the stage of history quietly,
to open the way to a new system.

It will fight.

It is a struggle of life and death.

The system

(that is, the think tanks which run it)

knows that it is doomed,

but it will try to proceed to a new form
by mutation, like a vampire.

Thirst for more money will be replaced
by thirst for more power and authority.

Its top priority, greed, makes it so blind that
it could drag the whole human society into
the abyss down into which it is inevitably falling.

As long as development and growth
were possible, it needed freedom
(as freedom of the entrepreneur),
to give it its dynamics.

Now that development because of the
finite size of the planet has stopped,

freedom is not only unnecessary, it is also
a barrier to its striving for more power.

Freedom will be suppressed.

The totalitarian dictatorship that is being prepared for us,
will have unprecedented dimensions.

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