15 years later

The basic contents of this site
were written in around 2000.

In 2010 some data was added just
on the course of the global economy.

In 2016, this chapter "15 years later"
has been added together with two sections
entitled "What to do?"and "Democracy".

The reason for this, is that in the main
text there was an attempt in some way
to predict the development of our society,
namely that the upcoming end of capitalism
will be accompanied by war.

The 15 years that have passed, are probably long
enough for us to say whether our predictions were
correct or whether we should modify them.

Well then, there is no
need to change anything.

The fact that our system is heading
towards its end, is confirmed every day.

The short local wars, which were designed at the end of the last century to support the system,
extend further and last longer, while at the same time the intent to instigate a very big war is
becoming increasingly apparent.

    Why then should these extra entries be added?

It is rather from a sense of responsibility
to the readers of this site.

Although this website isn't advertised anywhere, it has
through the years kept a more or less constant number
of interested readers.

We have about 3,000 to 5,000 hits per month
from 70 countries around the world.

Obviously our readers themselves
have undertaken this advertising.

They find the content interesting and recommend
the site to friends and acquaintances.

This however is of particular importance.  

In a time where people are accustomed to thinking as little
as possible (because the system we live in prohibits thinking,
since thought is the only force that threatens it) there are some
people who have this special ability to think.

And they are not content just with this, they
pass on the information about this site to others.

They want to make other people think also.
They are thus already working actively against the system.

We can have confidence in
the power of capable people.

People who are

able to think systematically, analytically and constructively
and are not afraid to accept the results imposed by logic.

People who are

experts, who have profound knowledge and skills in their
profession, the science or the art that they serve and at the
same time are of the highest moral standing.

People who are

willing to mess with the powerful when it comes to defending
what is logical, ethical and right.

These are the people who can prevent
the disaster, and they seem to represent
the majority of our readers.

And in these difficult times a particularly heavy
responsibility falls on their shoulders.

We have no one else to rely on.

When they contact each other,
they can organise the resistance.

If there is one road to salvation, it will
not be automatically applied or imposed
by some external forces,

it can only be the result of cooperation
between our most capable people,
our best ones.

If they do not do it, who will?

Will it be perhaps the indifferent consumers who are convinced
that they live in the best possible system that will last forever and
whose only aim is to provide them with more and more goods?

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