A spectre is haunting the world

The spectre of terrorism.

The system has been making
provisions for this for some time.

It has nurtured the phantom of terrorism for years
and has guided it so masterfully that the population
is convinced there is no greater threat to them.

The grandiose staging

     of collapsing buildings,

     of mass beheadings and

     of the destruction of ancient cultural treasures,

has brought the desired result.

To protect ourselves from terrorism, we are
willing to accept any deprivation of freedom.

     What good is freedom if I fall
into the clutches of the terrorists?

     Only the authorities can ensure
my protection.

     The stricter they are the better.

     I do not mind at all to belong in a glass cage
where my every move is recorded, because
firstly, I do not notice it, and secondly,
I know that it’s for my own safety.

     If they have the means, I have no objection
to my thoughts being recorded too.

     I have nothing to hide anyway.

     Even better would be a steel one. Safety above all.

Do not worry.

The glass cage is already here and
the steel one will be ready shortly.


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