Is the citizen able to decide?

What decisions can these poor people make?

In the state of indifference and
ignorance in which they live,

how can they decide anything?

They no longer care,

because they know

that whether they are
interested or not,

the decision is made not by them
but by the politicians

(or rather it has already been made, and the
politicians just pretend to discuss the issue).

Informed they cannot be,


their only source of information,

the mass media,

share power with the politicians
and play their game

by providing only partial information

(or rather twisted truths).

Four years ago, at the elections,

they had decided which party to vote for and
now they have bitterly regretted their choice.

But what else could they do?

There are only a few
parties to choose from.

In the previous election,

they had chosen a different party,

but now they realise that

"they are all the same".

The only thing that remains is

either to abstain from voting

or to support some of

these strange newly
emerging unknown parties

that, by not having clearly defined their goal,

offer the hope that they aspire to the
same things the poor people wish for.

Citizens are not in a position to make decisions.

But are the deputies?

Is it unusual,

after the vote in Parliament,

that many members have to admit

they had no idea what
they had approved?

They had

no information about and
no knowledge of the subject.

They had no time or
no interest to find out
for themselves.

Have you seen pictures in the Parliament,
where apart from the speaker there’s only
a handful of others in the chamber?

Where are all the others,

the hundreds of enlightened representatives
of the people, who are paid so handsomely
to decide on their behalf?

They went off somewhere else to think about it?

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