There is no other solution

      What can we do though?

          In ancient Athens it was possible to have
direct democracy.

          The people were so few that they could
gather in the same place, discuss and decide.

          When the number of citizens is in the order
of millions, it is impossible.

          We cannot operate with everybody, we are
forced to use representatives.

          Besides, they have the ability and experience,
which we cannot assume in every citizen.

          They know what is best for the people.

          That's why they are elected with the popular vote.

Well, this argument that the great number of citizens

makes direct democracy impossible,

is flawed.

It does not take into account
the information revolution and the Internet,
which have completely changed the situation.

This argument could have
been true a few years ago,

today it is no longer valid

With today's means of telecommunications,

we do not need the people's representatives
to meet in one place,

to discuss and to decide.

Every citizen has the opportunity to follow the
discussion, to participate, and let his opinion
be heard from the comfort of his own home.

Each issue

that is currently being discussed in parliament and
is subsequently settled by the vote of the deputies,

may be discussed in front of the
people and then settled by their vote.

      But is every citizen as well informed and
as capable of deciding on any issue?

This is the constant argument of those in power:

     The people haven't the maturity that we politicians have.

          They are incapable.

          They know nothing.

          They will make the wrong decisions.

Of course when it came to their own election,

then they needed the people's vote,

to be their representatives

and then to take the decisions
and govern as they like.

Then they sang their praises:

          "the sovereign people",

          "the country’s opinion″,

          "how politically mature!",

          "how wise!"


The only use the people have,

is that that they provide an excuse
to call our system democracy,

for anything else they are useless.

Oh yeah, and working in production of course,
since politicians themselves don't produce anything.

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