Task No. 4 (long term)

To prepare the transition to the ideal society.

There are many ideas

on how the ideal society should be formed, you know,
for example these in section: "A New Beginning".

Our long term task will be to study them,

to find out to what extent they are feasible and
slowly prepare the way for their implementation.

However, it would not be advisable
to start this discussion here,

because an ideal state has by itself the character
of utopia and such a discussion could discredit
the whole text as reverie, just a dream.

The ideal state can serve
only as a guideline.

We knew from the outset,

that it would be too beautiful to be true,
to succeed one hundred percent.

We know that we will have to make concessions.

We know that we will have to compromise.

It shows us merely the direction
in which we must strive.

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