Thoughts for common people

The following pages are not an attempt
to estimate what would likely happen.

Trying to predict the future
was what we saw in the first
part of this document titled
"The inevitable end".

Nor do the following pages aspire
to suggest how a society should
be organized and should function.

Such proposals have often been made
before, and have found smaller or larger
appeal depending on their time.

The following pages are simple thoughts which are not

addressed to "serious" scholars, who are accustomed
to thoughtful analyses with many strange words the
rest of us do not understand, and with numerous
references to the works of various "wise men".

Perhaps these ideas are suitable for us ordinary people.

Maybe some people would say when reading:

       "Look. That's what I've been thinking.
It would be so easy to make our lives happy".

If some of the readers say this,
and some go even further
and ask themselves:

       "Well, why don't we form our living conditions
on Earth something like that?
Who will prevent us?
Don't we ourselves, we humans, determine how we live?
Our life isn't after all dictated to us by aliens.

       Wouldn't right now
(when the old system is collapsing by itself)
be the opportunity to try something new?".

Then we must consider
that the purpose of this document
has been more than successful.

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