Task No. 3 (medium term)

To disturb the functioning of the system.

Once the first expert groups are formed,

they must begin to undermine the
activities of the system.

     When the system is preparing

to bomb a country from a certain airport,

we must block the airport
communications at the right time.

     When the system is planning

the financial ruin of a country,

we must distort the statistical data
used in the banks’ calculations.

     When the system decides

to trigger an atomic rocket to initiate World War III,

we must alter the computer
program that controls the missile.

Sabotage is a difficult job,

a job for specialists,

but that is what we have our
experts for, the difficult jobs.

We need reliable people
in key positions.

If we do not find them already there,

we must ensure that

our own people are placed
in these critical posts.

To that end we need

     timely preparation,

     good planning

     and a lot of time.

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