Task No. 2 (short term)

To form expert groups.


who really understand and are capable,

are a rare find.

And most of them are already in the
clutches of the system.

They are absolutely necessary to the system,
its function depends on them.

It chose and trained them.

It has tried by all means of brain washing and
succeeded to convince them of its merits.

It has placed them in important positions and
lulled their suspicions with money and comforts.

It has assimilated them into itself.

The chances that they will join in the resistance,
driven by purely altruistic motives, are small.

There they can’t expect any personal benefits

(money, power, celebrity for example)

but rather the opposite:



     perhaps even jail.

However, this difficulty has

(like everything else in the world)

its good side too.

It will help us to choose the right people.

Under normal conditions,

every selfish idiot will run to offer his services:

       Here, I am an expert, give me the position I am entitled to.

As regards professional competence,
the decision is pretty easy.

The social environment recognises with
certainty if someone is any good or not.

Everyone in the neighbourhood knows
who is a good plumber or a good doctor.

And if we already have some experts in this professional field,

then the choice is even easier.

They will immediately recognise

who is really a good engineer, surgeon,
ocean liner captain or bank manager.

When it comes to "moral competence"
then things are more difficult.
How can we judge this?

Here the previous mentioned
difficulty comes to our help.

If someone meets the requirements to obtain
an enviable position as a servant of the system

(or already has it),

but instead prefers "to put his head in the noose"
and become a servant of the people,

he himself has proven by this decision his suitability.

It may be that there are few people who are not
driven by selfishness but by altruistic motives,

but they do exist.

They have shown it in the course of history,
and they show it on a daily basis.

These are

the people we need.

The others

who are willing to sell themselves to the
system as slaves ″for a mess of pottage″,

let them remain sitting in their fat armchairs.

Our task is to discover those who combine
professional competence with social sensitivity

and bring them in contact with each other.

They are scattered all over,

     in companies,

     in the state apparatus,

     some perhaps in the University.

That is where we have to work anyway,

because that is where the next generation of experts will emerge,
and we can win them over before the system gets its hands on them.

The task is difficult, but we don't need a lot of people.

A group of ten experts has greater "fire power" than
one of these giant American aircraft carriers.

       How to find them though?

But, we have already found them.

Or rather, more correctly,

they have already found us.

They are the readers of our site.

You are.
You, who are reading these lines.

You have proved on the one hand,

by your interest in the content of this site that you have
the rare ability to think, when all around you slumber in
the imposed lethargy,

and on the other hand,

by circulating the site,
that your motives arenot selfish.

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