This page is divided into three sections.

One could say that it relates to three levels:

1. To the level of human society,

with the text

The inevitable end
A new beginning

2. To the individual level,

with the story

 Between Heaven and Earth

3. To the cosmic level,

with the text

Necessity and freedom  
Who finally governs this universe?

 If you deal with all these three topics,

you will probably discover that despite the
apparent differences in the subject matter,
a number of similarities are present.

The most important similarity I would consider to be

the challenge - invitation to use our minds,
which overt or covert exists everywhere.

I do not know whether it is imposed on purpose,  

but I have the feeling that our way of
life leads us to thinking less and less.

This page is created as an effort

to resist that way.

Πλαίσιο κειμένου: It may be that thinking makes 
us tired sometimes, but doesn't 
it give us pleasure as well?

Ultimately, if something
characterizes us, humans,
it is just this ability we have
to use our minds.