The inevitable end
A new beginning

The content of this document is divided into two major sections.

The first section with the general title:

The inevitable end

is an as objective as possible assessment of the present state of our society, and at the same time an attempt to estimate its future development.

Since the prospect of this development is not at all encouraging, the second section has been added under the general title:

A new beginning.

This text does not claim to prescribe how a new society should be configured. Its sole intention is to show that we could imagine other forms of society, as well as the existing one.

You will find that some chapters have a direct timely character, such as the
chapter "The case of Greece"

which deals with the question of the debts of states, while other chapters deal with matters of general interest and seem to be perhaps trivial and less interesting at first sight.

With the help of the table of contents for each section you can go to any chapter
whose title attracts your interest.

And probably you will do this at the beginning, in order to get a taste of the whole.

Some people like to take a look at the end before they deal with a large text or a book.

They would do well to move straight to the chapter "The chance" to get a feel for the spirit of the whole text.

However, if we are going to understand what is happening around us, we must work
through everything connected with what has piqued our Interest.

We have no other weapon except logic.

What's going on around us, is like a link in a chain not only going back
(because of what is happening now, is the consequence of what happened yesterday),
but also branching out, so that events that seem at first sight to be unrelated, play an
important role in explaining the phenomenon that concerns us.

Those who lead us show us only a small part of the truth;
they offer us their ready-made explanation and
in no way want us to understand the true relationships.

They are betting that we won't take the trouble to think.

They are betting that we won't bother to look for ourselves.

It doesn't suit them if we begin to think.

If you find that the topic interests you,

it would be good to go through the whole text from the beginning, because it is set up with an inner logic that builds up the reasoning gradually from the ground up.

The aim of this essay is to cause the reader to think for himself.

To stimulate him to draw his own conclusions and stop to chew over, as we usually do, everything that all the printed and electronic media feed us every day.

This text is written for those who
have no fear of thinking.

Those who prefer to have all the text on their computer or an electronic reading device
can "download" the file politia eng.pdf.

For those who want to read a text printed on paper and not on the computer screen,
the text is paged ready for printing.

You can print the file politia eng.pdf directly on DIN A5 paper and then bind it.