Technical details

       And how do you make it sure that the
correct answers in the test are not "leaked"
and everyone appears as great connoisseurs
of the problem without being so in reality?

Participation in the test is
done through the internet.

Every citizen enters the portal where
the questions are on his home computer
with the data of his identity card.

Dozens of questions
have been prepared.

The citizen randomly faces
only five or six of them.

The portal is open for a limited time.

Let's say for 15 minutes
on Friday night at 9 pm

(when most people are at home).

     And who initiates a
        general vote of the people ?

The government, which needs the
decision of the people in order to act.

It can’t take any action if not
previously decided on by the people.

But any citizen

can demand a vote on an issue
which he considers important.

If several citizens

are of the same opinion,
the government must
put it to a vote.

The issue may relate to any aspect
of social life, even the composition
of the government itself.

The government is not a unified
group that belongs to one party.

It is made up of members who have been elected
by the people individually, on the basis of their
abilities for the post for which they are intended.

Just as the people have chosen them,

they can also dismiss them.

If most citizens

find that a particular minister did not
perform his obligations properly,

the minister simply goes home.

Even this system

which we have described here, of
direct democracy with a weighting
factor of the vote,

may be questioned.

If something better is found,
the citizens can vote and change it.

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