One problem

Here of course the question arises:

     who sets the weighting factors
for each professional group and

     who prepares the questionnaire
for the test.

       Let me set the factors and prepare the questionnaire,
so that only the opinion of like-minded people counts,
and then we can discuss whether you will still continue
to call this system ″democracy″.

That's right.

This problem exists,
but what can we do?

Who else except a group of experts can
undertake this task and set the exam?

Don't they undertake all the
other exams we need anyway?

What would you prefer,

for some non-expert to set the examination,
or in general to abolish all examinations, so
that everyone is allowed to fly an aircraft,

just as everyone can govern
the state with his vote?

There is no guarantee

that our experts never make mistakes,

but they make fewer
mistakes than a non-expert.

They do make mistakes,
but, as we have said,

would you allow someone who
has not passed an exam in surgery,

to operate on you?

Just as our experts

carry out the tests for a
driving license or a law degree,

they should also

set the coefficients and prepare
the test for determining a

citizen’s knowledge.

Let them set their expert minds

to finding the appropriate
questions for each problem.

The evaluation of the test will
of course be made by computer.

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