In the first decade of the 21st century

the controversy flared up
again, and the "enemy
camps" called their
supporters "back to arms".

What had happened?

The neurophysiologists have found that
before we can say we have made a decision,
about 150 ms earlier, the electrical signal
related to the action appears in the nerve

Rather than sitting down and reflecting on their findings,

that is to say asking themselves what
mechanism connects the making of a
decision with the perception that the
decision has been made,

they immediately drew the conclusion

that we didn’t make the decision ourselves.

"We don’t do what we want
but we want what we do".

This provocative formulation

stoked the fires of controversy again.

In the heat of the battle however

they have forgotten to tell us:

If the decision is not made by us,

by whom is it made?

Are there supernatural forces

or is it the Natural Law?

If it is the Natural Law then the decision was taken
at the moment of the Big Bang.